Faculty/Staff Questions

Faculty and staff, please be sure to include your building and/or department name in your Luther College address when receiving mail.  Omitting that information can slow down the processing of incoming mail for delivery by the courier.

Can I send out personal mail and packages using the US Mail or UPS?

Yes, we offer many of the same services that the post office down town offers, except for money orders and registered mail.  If you need a letter sent by Registered Mail you will need to take that down to the Decorah post office for processing.

What is the postage cost to send by Commercial Mail (bulk rate mailing)?

The United State Postal Service offers discounts on postage costs if we do the task of pre-sorting the mail by delivery entry points (not zip codes) for them.  There is a tool at the USPS site (USPS Calculator) to give you a way to estimate the cost to ship your mailing by a presort discount rate--either Media Mail (formally called 3rd-Class mail or Postal Soft by some) or First-Class Presort.  Contact the Document Center staff for questions about using that website's tool.  

What is the fastest way to send something?

We are able to overnight envelopes, flats, and packages.  Overnighting an item will greatly increase the shipping costs.  USPS offers a flat rate envelopes for $17.50; whatever fits that envelope will ship.  FedEx and UPS charges more for that service, at this time, however sending larger items that will not fit into a USPS Flat-Rate Overnight envelope is can be cheaper by UPS.

What is the cheapest way to send this package/mail?

Mailing costs can vary depending on how fast you want it to arrive, how large the package is (girth), and how much something weighs in pounds.  Typically UPS ground is the cheapest way to ship any package from business to business.  Flat Rate boxes are usually best for items that weigh quite a bit, generally speaking though placing your item in a standard shipping box and shipping it by USPS Priority Mail or by UPS Ground is going to be less expensive than the Flat Rate box.  Stop by the Mail Center with your package, boxed, tapped and ready to ship.  We can give you several options on the different products offered.

Does the Mail Center sell stamps?

USPS Forever Stamps are available for purchase at the Mail Center starting on June 1st 2022. Cash, check, or department/staff/faculty accounts can be charged through a CBORD number or employee number.  No debit or credit cards.  You must have an active account to be able to charge your department's or personal account through the CBORD system.