Student Questions

Can I send packages to my SPO before the Fall semester starts?

Yes, be sure to have your full name (first and last) on the ship to address and include your SPO#, if known. 
If at all possible wait to send large items, like furniture, until you arrive on campus.  There is limited space to store larger items in the Mail Center when the semester starts in the Fall.  

When can I pick up my package?

Packages arrive at Luther at different times in the morning, depending on the carrier. Packages are scanned in and at that moment an email is sent to notify you that a package has arrived.  The Mail Center window is open from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM until further notice.

How long are packages held at the Mail Center?

The Mail Center will hold student packages for 15 days.  Packages not claimed after 15 days will be forwarded to the student's home address (when possible) or Returned to Sender.  It is the student's responsibility to pick up their packages in a timely manner or to contact the Luther Mail Center to make other arrangements.

Will the Mail Center hold my packages over break?
Yes!  The 15-day holding period for packages will be extended over breaks, J-Term, and the month before classes start in the Fall.

I am off campus and sent a package to the Mail Center by mistake!

The Post Office will forward First Class and Priority mail and packages free of charge.  Most packages sent via UPS or Fedex cannot be forwarded.  In addition, most other postage services provided by the USPS, such as Lightweight or Parcel Select (Free shipping from Amazon, for example.), are not eligible for forwarding.  Packages not eligible for forwarding can be returned to sender at the student's request.  The Mail Center can also facilitate a Return on behalf of the student.  Simply send a return label to [email protected] and we'll do the rest.  If a package cannot be forwarded and you need it mailed to you, the student is responsible for any new postage.

How long will the Mail Center hold my mail?

Students attending in-person classes will have their mail held at the Mail Center for the entire academic year.  Students who are studying abroad or attending another off-campus program will have their mail forwarded accordingly.  If you are off-campus but would like your mail held, please contact the Luther Mail Center.

Can I send money to another person's SPO or mail drop on campus?

USPS does not prohibit sending cash by mail; however, we request that students do not send cash through campus mail/SPO whenever possible.

Can I have a friend sign for and pickup my package?

Yes, you will need to email the Mail Center to give us permission to release your mail or packages to another person--no phone calls.  Please provide the full name of that person and how long they will be picking up your mail for.  The person you designate in your email will need to show their student ID and sign their name for the package.

How much does it cost to mail something?

First Class stamps cost 50¢ for a rectangular letter up to 1 ounce, it is 21¢ for each additional ounce up to a max of 3.5 oz.  Anything beyond 3.5oz is a package.  Package mailing costs can vary depending on how fast you want it to arrive, how large the package is (girth), and how much something weighs in pounds.  Stop by the Mail Center with your package, boxed, tapped and ready to ship and we can give you several options on the different products offered.

What is my SPO# or my combination?

Information can be found on

How do I open my SPO box?

Using your combination you found on complete the following steps:

  1. Turn LEFT FOUR times stopping on the first number.
  2. Turn RIGHT ONCE and then go past the second number and back around stopping on the second number in your combination.
  3. Turn LEFT and stop on the last number in your combination, don't go past it.
  4. LAST STEP holding the knob turn RIGHT very-slightly while pulling on the knob and the door should open.

If needed ask for help at the window when the Mail Center is open and we can help you practice opening your box. 

Check out our video help for opening your SPO box.

How do I address a letter or package for mailing?

Navigate to our help guides.  Stop by the Mail Center if there are any further questions.

What is my Luther College mailing address?

Your Full Name
Your SPO#
Luther College
700 College Dr
Decorah, IA  52101-1045

I am leaving campus or need my mail forwarded to an off-campus address, how do I tell the Mail Center?

Please fill out this online form.

Mail Center sells USPS Forever Stamps.

You can purchase USPS Forever Stamps, letter or postcard stamps, from the Mail Center.  We accept cash or check, no cards.  You can charge your student account while it is active (August 10th through April 30th).