Code of Conduct



  1. Makerspace users keep each other safe. 
  2. Makerspace users use the space and its resources to advance its mission and the mission of the college.
  3. Makerspace is a safe and welcoming space for everyone.  
  4. Makerspace is built on principles of interdisciplinary learning, community empowerment, autonomy, and agency.



  1. Makerspace access is open to all members of Luther College. 
  2. Makerspace access may be revoked, at the discretion of the Makerspace Lead, for failure to observe the code of conduct.
  3. Training for specific equipment is available for everyone using the space.Training is required for the Laser Cutter, CNC Machine and 3D Printers.
  4. Makerspace staff must be present during the initiation of projects on the Laser Cutter, CNC Machine, and 3D Printers.


  1. If there is an emergency within  the Makerspace:
  • Call 9-1-1 from your mobile phone or 9-9-1-1 from the Makerspace phone.
  • Call Luther College Security at 563-387-2100. 
  • Get help from Makerspace and VPA staff.
  • Do your best to provide assistance until the emergency response team arrives.
  1. Follow all Luther College safety policies and procedures
  2. Only use tools and equipment that you are qualified to operate. If you are not absolutely sure how to use a tool or small piece of equipment, ask a staff member for help.

Work Space

  1. Tools may only be used in the Makerspace and should not leave the Makerspace.
  2. Do not change the furniture/machine/storage configurations of the space. 
  3. Leave the space clean for others:
    1. Projects should only be out when you are actively working.
    2. Return tools to their designated storage area when you are done with them.
    3. Work areas should be swept, vacuumed, or wiped clean when finished.
  4. Safety glasses must be worn when:
    1. Using power tools of any kind.
    2. Cutting or sawing.
    3. Operating CNC machine

Intellectual Property

  1. Those using the Makerspace agree to the following statement on intellectual property:

"I warrant that I am authorized to use the applicable files, data, images, or any other materials (collectively “Content”) in the Makerspace and that the use of the Content will not infringe upon any third-party’s copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret or other proprietary or intellectual property rights."

Consumable Materials

  1. Instructors are expected to facilitate the cost of consumables for any course that requires the use of the Makerspace.
  2. In general, you are responsible for bringing your own material.  
  3. Be mindful of the financial and environmental cost of material.
  4. Whenever possible, reduce, reuse and recycle.
  5. Makerspace keeps a limited stock of test materials such as cardboard and plywood. These materials are only to be used for minor projects/tests.
  6. Consumable material policy for specific machines is listed below:
    1. FDM 3D Printer: We provide free printing for small projects. For larger projects, we require you to bring in your own Makerspace staff approved filament. 
    2. SLA Resin 3D Printer: Resin printing is charged on a per mL basis at $0.30 per mL. The cost will be calculated upon initialization of the print. Resin printing has more consumables than FDM printing and the cost of these consumables is far higher.
    3. Laser Cutter/CNC: You are expected to bring your own materials to use on the Laser Cutter/CNC. 
    4. Electronics: We provide various electronic components for students to test and prototype with but these are to be left within the Makerspace unless permission is granted by staff.