Undergraduate Research

There are opportunities for students to research with faculty members in the math department.  Each summer, we typically have 2-5 students working on a research project. Here are titles of some projects from the previous three years:

  • "Computational Modeling of the Macroeconomy with Directed Graphs" (summer 2016) - two students working with Dr. Occhipinti
  • "Exploring Avalanches Sizes in the 1-dimensional Sandpile Model" and "Exploring the Cartesian Square of the Chacon Map" (summer 2015) - three students with Dr. Johnson
  • "Determining relationships between the structure of a population's contact network and herd immunity" (summer 2015) - two students with Dr. Fey
  • "Understanding Diverse Others at Luther College" (summer 2015) - one student with Dr. Savariappan.
  • "Modeling a predator-prey system with infectious disease" (summer 2014) - one student with Dr. Westlund.
  • "Developing a Mathematical Model for Daily Snow Cover Depth" (summer 2014) - one student with Dr. Bernatz