Coalescence Overview

Each year Luther College hosts a forum where movement students, researchers, and professionals can come together to learn and discuss Movement Fundamentals.

 July 16-20, 2020  (Introduction) An overview of Movement Fundamentals, introducing the Tenets, the Paired Principles and the 4 Phases Practice.

July 21-23, 2020 (Intensive) Mentored application of Movement Fundamentals to your personal field of practice or research interest.

The Space: Luther College Center for the Arts, Decorah, Iowa

Outcomes:  Each artist/teacher/practitioner will learn to implement the guiding principles of the Movement Fundamentals curriculum into their own individual research, practice or training curriculum.

Who's invited: This is a method and movement-based seminar for somatic educators, body and healing arts practitioners, professional and pre-professional artists/teachers, along with dance and movement artists and teachers.

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“What if we view dance artists as we do other artists in that we don't train painters to mimic Picasso. I am interested in training dancers that look like themselves and can do their own thing with this material."

—Jane Hawley in Radically Somatic, Lifetime Learners Dance Magazine Article, 2009.