Language Learning Center

flags in the Language Learning Center

The newly renovated Language Learning Center (LLC) is located in Main 215 and offers resources and technical support for all modern language faculty and students at Luther College. It's also the home of Luther's signature Paideia Program, and a great study spot! The LLC is open approximately 50 hours per week, Sunday through Friday, including several evenings. Whenever the door is open, students are welcome! Our Main Building academic assistant, Bonnie T. Johnson, is usually in from 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. Monday-Friday and is happy to assist students, faculty, or staff in any way.

During scheduled hours, the LLC provides language assistance for Chinese, French, German, Linguistics, Norwegian, and Spanish. We offer drop-in assistance including tutoring, conversation, help with homework, presentations and test preparation. Students and faculty can use the extensive foreign language film collection and print resources, and small groups can gather to work on projects, view films, or hold study sessions. There are many ways we can help you improve your language abilities. Everyone is welcome!

The Language Learning Center also provides language students with valuable work-study experiences related to their interest in languages.

Several lounge areas in the LLC are meeting places for all Luther students who would like to study together, or share their experiences with foreign languages or study abroad experiences.

We also have a charging station for your iPhone, Android, or MacBook Air. No need to charge your device before coming to the Language Learning Center!