FMEA (Future Music Educators Association)

 Our Mission

The goal of FMEA is to build a community where future music educators can grow in their understanding of music education, through both professional development and various teaching opportunities.

 FMEA Executive Board 2022

Amber Olson, President

Abby Reis, President-Elect

Ali Pinto, Secretary

Molly Graff, Treasurer

Kaitlyn Blackburn, ASTA

Riley Frank, IBA

Spencer Gillian, NAfME

Katelyn Siebert, ACDA


FMEA Advisor 

       Jill Wilson


Events for Fall 2023

 Coming Soon!


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Recent Events

2021-2022 Highlights

Peter Folliard, Preparing Students for the Future, Not the Past

Tony Guzman, Latin American Percussion Workshop

Carol Krueger, Fostering Independent Musicianship

Jing Ling-Tam and Adrianna Tam, Conducting Masterclass

Cory Near, Programming for your Instrumental Ensemble

Popular Music Pedagogy for Preservice Music Peeps

Hybrid conference; Oct. 9, 2021

Eric Songer, Scott Prescott, Maggie Zeidel, Secondary Survival: The Role of Popular Music Education During and After a Pandemic

Dan Black, Creating a Record Label to Showcase Student Work 

Jamie Burg, Classroom Management Through a Modern Band Lens 

Virginia Davis, Dare to Suck: Growth Mindset, Amateurism, and Popular Music Education  

Kevin Droe, Adaptive Electronic Musical Instruments:  Allowing Everyone to Make Music 

Shelley Droe, Modern Band in the Elementary School  

Donna Hewitt and Ryan Zellner, A Tale of Two Cities:  Music Participation Rates in Philadelphia and Nashville 

Alena Holmes, Teaching Songwriting with Web-Based Digital Audio Workstations 

Rick Palese, Drum Set Techniques 

Bryan Powell, Let’s Play:  Modern Band Workshop 

Jocelyn Prendergast, Composing in the Large Ensemble 

Tamara Thies, University Student Empowerment through Emerging Practices 


2020-2021 Highlights

Karen Howard, Anti-racism in Music Education

John Kratus, Music Education at the Tipping Point

Carol Krueger, Developing the Independent Musician

Shelley Droe, Technology in Elementary General Music

Jack Stamp, How to Make Effective Rehearsals a Daily Routine

Aimee Beckman-Collier, Comprehensive Musicianship Through Performance

Scott Burstein, Little Kids Rock, Ukulele Jam

Sarah Minette, Engaging in a Mindful Approach to Culturally Sustaining Pedagogy

Craig Jessop, Conducting and Gesture

Emily Ellsworth, Youth Choir