Church Music

Music students benefit from Luther’s strong Lutheran liturgical traditions. There are a variety of classes dedicated to the study of church music. In an environment where daily chapel and Sunday worship are widely attended, students have many opportunities for practical experience in church music. Students also have the opportunity to work with local churches, directing choirs and performing at worship services. Additional questions can be directed to church music professor Gregory Peterson.

Sample Study Plan

MUS 236 Music, Worship and Culture (4 hours)

A study of the theology and history of worship in society within the principal branches of the church, from Biblical times through the present, with particular emphasis on defining and illustrating the musical expressions of corporate worship within the context of the rapid cultural and technological changes in the 20th century. Offered alternate years. No prerequisite.  (HE)


MUS 237 Worship and Music in the Life of the Church (2 hours)

This course will familiarize students with the role that music plays in liturgical and nonliturgical worship. It will include practical topics such as planning and selecting instrumental and vocal repertoire, directing a church music program, hymnody, and congregational worship life. Alternate years. No prerequisite. 


MUS 454 16th Century Counterpoint (2 hours) 

A study of the 16th century modal counterpoint style of Palestrina. Written exercises lead to the composition and performance of a mass movement. Prerequisite: MUS 332 (Theory IV).