Instrumental Performance

Instrumental music students at Luther perform in three orchestras, two bands, two jazz ensembles and various chamber groups. The basics of musicianship, technique and professionalism are coached in their respective areas by a staff of conductors and studio professors. The instrumental tradition extends from 1907 when band conductor and educator Carlo Sperati formed the world famous Luther College Concert Band, the first touring ensemble at Luther. The students' horizons are broadened today by an extensive continental and global touring program.

Sample Study Plan

  • Music major core required;
  • Additional music courses may be selected from 245, 454, 455, 273, pedagogy courses;
  • elective courses in other departments may be selected from French and German, art history

Mus 273 Chamber Music (1 hour)

Instruction in the literature for small ensembles. Ensembles should be approved by an instructor before registration. Open to all students regardless of major.


Mus 245 Choral Singing in Namibia and South Africa (4 hours) 

This is a travel course that promotes intercultural exchange through music. Music from the western tradition is learned and presented along with learning and presenting traditional Namibian and South African music in local languages. This takes place in church services, through choral exchanges and concerts, and in schools, hospitals and informal settings. Students also learn about the history of Namibia, its fight for independence and the anti-apartheid movement in South Africa through visits to sites of cultural and historic importance. Offered during January Term. Prerequisite: consent of instructor. (Intcl)  Additional questions can be directed to Gregory Peterson and Andrew Last.


Mus 454 16th Century Counterpoint (2 hours)

A study of the 16th century modal counterpoint style of Palestrina. Written exercises lead to the composition and performance of a mass movement. Prerequisite: Mus 332 (Theory IV).


Mus 455 Analytical Studies (2 hours)

This course is designed to further the analytical skills of a student through intensive study of selected works from music literature. About six pieces will be studied in a semester, with the choice of scores representing a variety of styles, periods, and the special interest of students enrolled in the course. Offered alternate years. Prerequisite: Mus 332 (Theory IV).