Vocal Coaching

Nicholas Shaneyfelt working with student Eddy Galstad

Voice students at Luther have the opportunity to work one on one with a vocal coach on a weekly basis, which is a unique offering in an undergraduate liberal arts music department. Through vocal coaching, students explore style, diction and language, text expression, character, and the aspects of good ensemble between singer and pianist. These weekly coaching sessions are a foundational element to a student’s experience at Luther, offering an opportunity for students to deepen their understanding and execution of the music they sing.

Vocal coaching traces its origins to the time of Monteverdi, or the beginning of opera. Unlike instrumentalists, who have the ability to put their instrument in a case at the end of the day, vocalists live with their instrument inside of them. What the audience hears and what the singer hears can be markedly different. Therefore, the singer must rely on trusted sources to get a sense of how their instrument sounds, and a vocal coach can help the artist navigate this.

The vocal coaching experience can resonate in different ways based on a vocalist’s individual goals or aspirations. However, every student who embraces this unique opportunity at Luther develops their own appreciation for their art. If you’re interested in taking the next step in voice study and want to learn more about vocal coaching, contact Professor Nicholas Shaneyfelt, Vocal Coach/Collaborative Pianist, at [email protected].