Students are provided a variety of clinical experiences throughout the program to allow them to develop their skills in unique ways, encounter health care from diverse settings, and explore the nursing profession in distinctive environments.

Sophomore Year

During their sophomore year, students first experience “on-campus clinicals” – lab activities that allow them to grow strong assessment and hands-on interventional skills. Students then move to caring for hospitalized patients at Winneshiek Medical Center, Veterans Memorial Hospital, or the residents of Wellington Place, as well as patients in a same-day surgery environment, clinic setting, and the emergency room.

Junior Year

Junior year finds our students living off campus in Rochester, MN, where they spend 2-3 days a week in clinicals at Mayo Clinic, ranked the #1 hospital in the nation. Students are placed in a variety of settings at the world famous medical center, including medical-surgical units, pediatrics, obstetrics, psychiatric units, and progressive and intensive care environments. In addition to clinicals at Mayo Clinic, students also participate in clinicals at Seasons Hospice, the Federal Medical Center, and Rainbow Preschool.

Senior Year

During their senior year, students once again experience on-campus clinicals in a simulation-based course. Additionally, students in the population-based course actively participate in clinicals at Winneshiek County Public Health, the Decorah Free Clinic, Health Services (Luther College), North Winneshiek School, and the NE Iowa Food and Fitness.