Program Overview

First Year Students

The first year at Luther provides a foundation in the liberal arts and sciences. All nursing majors are assigned a faculty advisor to help each student decide whether to pursue a nursing curriculum plan. All students interested in nursing are invited to participate in the Luther Student Nurses Association (LSNA).

Sophomore Year

Clinical nursing courses begin in the fall of the sophomore year. Nursing courses at this level emphasize health assessment and fundamental skills throughout the life span in a variety of settings. These learning experiences develop new communication and interpersonal skills.

Junior Year

Third year students experience a concentrated study of nursing concepts by caring for children and adults with physical and emotional problems. The sites for this clinical experience are Rochester Methodist Hospital and St. Mary's Hospital, affiliates of the Mayo Clinic; the Federal Medical Center; and a variety of community-based health-care agencies in Rochester, Minn.

Senior Year

The senior year provides final preparation for entry into the practice of professional nursing. Courses focus on promoting health and preventing illness in childbearing families and in community groups. Students further develop leadership management and research skills through selected areas of nursing.

“Luther Nursing has shaped me into a compassionate person and future nurse, which is something I can't wait to share with all my future patients.” -Reilly Lederhaas, '16