Oneota Reading Journal

The Oneota Reading Journal provides readers with book reviews of professional resources, children’s literature, young adult literature, and articles about books and the teaching of reading. The refereed journal is published annually by Luther College.

Deborah Norland is the manuscript and review editor of the Oneota Reading Journal. She is currently the Professor of Children’s Literature, Reading, and TESOL methods in the Education Department at Luther College. Deborah received her M.A. from New Mexico State University and her Ph.D. from The University of Minnesota. Deborah previously served as editor of the Iowa Reading Journal (1994-2002).

Deborah Norland and the Oneota Reading Journal Editorial Board are responsible for identifying and recruiting reviewers for the Oneota Reading Journal. Contributors include professionals, Luther College students, and adolescents who think and write critically about books. Contributing students demonstrate an exceptional ability in analyzing literature for children and young adults. Individuals interested in writing for the journal may submit manuscripts electronically to [email protected]. Since this is a refereed journal, all manuscripts will be reviewed by at least three referees. Include a cover page with your name, e-mail address, phone number, job title and place of employment. Do not write your name on the manuscript itself. This maintains the professional standards of the referee process.