Spring 2022 Journal

Luther Students, Reviewers, and Readers, 


It is with deep regret the editors and The Oneota Reading Journal board of directors announce the last issue will be published in Spring 2022. This is due to a myriad of reasons, including the cost of editing and publishing the journal.  While I am not compensated for editing the journal, Luther College pays a stipend to the student editors.  Unfortunately, funds are not available to pay the student editors in the future.  This is sad and an end of an era. The Oneota Reading Journal is an evolution of the Iowa Reading Journal which began in 2001. Thank you for your unwavering support all these years. Luther students, reviewers, readers, publishers, scholars, and authors all benefited from the journals, and contributed to the success of each issue throughout the decades.

Deborah L. Norland, Ph. D.

Professor Emerita of Education

Editor, The Oneota Reading Journal