Producing Global Citizens

Off-Campus Study

In ancient Greece, the liberal arts were designed to develop an active and educated citizenry. In the twenty-first century, our citizenship is global.

A Luther education connects students with vital worldwide issues and ideas in many ways—through study and scholarships on campus, off-campus, internships, and service around the globe. Each year, between 400-500 Luther students expand their worldviews through international study, ranking Luther among the top baccalaureate colleges in the nation for the percentage of students who study abroad prior to graduation—over two-thirds.

When Luther students study off campus, they:

  • Gain a better understanding of and respect for diversity
  • Develop an appreciation for their own culture
  • Increase their analytical abilities and cross-cultural communication skills
  • Examine their personal values
  • Develop greater self-confidence

Most importantly, students increase their awareness of the interconnected nature of the world. The world is truly our classroom.

A Curriculum That Supports Global Learning

In addition to our off-campus programs, Luther offers an international studies major and coursework that focuses on 10 languages.

And built into the Luther learning model is a three-week January term between the spring and fall semesters that encourages immersive learning. Students who aren’t able to commit an entire semester to off-campus study often take advantage of this shorter period to gain the broadened perspective, unforgettable memories, and increased self-awareness that graces international travel.

A Small Campus with a Big Perspective

Closer to home, the Luther campus is diverse and dynamic, with students from 74 countries and 39 states. Although we’re a college of the Lutheran Church, our faculty and students come from many religious traditions and different colleges.

While on campus, all students find themselves learning to live a central element of the college’s mission: to move beyond immediate interests and present knowledge into a larger world.