Katie Carnes '12

Career Fair at Luther

Katie first learned about Epic at a Luther Career Fair. “I strongly encourage students to go to those,” she says. “The reps from Epic just seemed great and fun. I also got the feeling that Epic was a place where a lot of driven people work and share ideas. That is what I have found Epic to be.”

Critical Thinking Skills Prove Valuable

Katie feels that Luther helped her develop critical thinking skills. “Some of the professors and staff I experienced at Luther really helped me learn how to ask important questions,” she says. “I would have encounters with them where I thought I had all of the answers figured out. It would only take a question or two for me to realize I had not thought through the situation completely.”

She finds those skills translate well to the work environment. “Those same lessons of digging into why things are happening, what is going on behind the scenes, or how does this affect the next person, help me in my work,” she says. “Those are all experiences I gained from classes at Luther that still apply to what I do today.”

Other Luther Memories

“When I was at Luther, I participated in choir, Christmas Cheer, Student Philanthropy Council, a few other extracurriculars, and recreational sports,” she says. “I chose to spread out my involvement as much as I could rather than focusing on just one group or event.”

January Terms and study abroad opportunities were some of the most memorable times at Luther for Katie. “They gave me the chance to immerse myself in a different culture, political environment, religion, and language. I went to China and Japan with one course and Turkey and Jordan for the other,” she says. “Studying abroad truly impacts how you interact with people and see the larger world.”

The Luther connection is absolutely something that keeps me here in Madison and that brought me here in the first place. There’s a lot of Luther folks working at Epic and in the greater Madison area, many of whom I still play with on ultimate Frisbee, soccer, and volleyball teams during my free time.

—Katie Carnes '12


Katie finds the Epic campus to be a beautiful and unique place to work.

Everyday when I  come to work, I notice a new piece of art. Plus, each of the buildings has a theme, like the jungle or the wild west. It’s fun to walk into that environment each morning, and it’s just a rejuvenating place to be.

—Katie Carnes '12