• Rachel (Bails) Jeffrey, Middle School Teacher

    "I feel that Luther prepared me to be a good teacher because I have shown a willingness to reflect and change."

Rachel (Bails) Jeffrey '06

Why She Chose Luther

“I chose Luther because I was looking for a strong education program in a small school environment,” Rachel says. “Plus, my sister previously graduated from Luther, so I had enough experience to know the school was right for me.”

Impactful Experiences

“As a student, I worked for the Photo Bureau and had a fantastic boss,” says Rachel. “He pushed me to be a better photojournalist, which continues to be a hobby of mine. It also allowed me to document what was happening on campus through concerts, group photos, sporting events, and more. It was really a great way to encounter all of those activities.”

As far as her career is concerned, her J-Term study-away experience in Hawaii made a big impression. “It was fascinating to learn about the disparity between public and private schools,” she says. “It also made me realize that it’s not only the experiences you have but the people you meet along the way that make the difference.”

Benefits of a Nontraditional Education Program

“Luther's education program pushed me to reflect on how effective practices affect students,” Rachel says. “This prepared me to think on my feet in the classroom and take risks as a teacher.”

Rachel also feels she gained an even greater perspective that goes beyond the classroom. “Luther helped broaden my horizons beyond my small hometown in Iowa. I’ve moved across the country twice and made new friends that live all over the United States. I’ve also traveled to other countries to experience different cultures,” she says. “What I appreciate is that even though I was taught to continually pursue my goals, I felt grounded enough to know where home was.”

I feel that Luther prepared me to be a good teacher because I have shown a willingness to reflect and change. This quality has given me recognition in my district as I’m a teacher-leader in the 1:1 iPad program.

—Rachel (Bails) Jeffrey ’06

After graduation, Rachel taught high school for three years in Arizona. For the last six years, she’s taught middle school in Colorado.