When prospective students ask “What can I do with a political science major?” we usually begin by talking about the liberal arts. We remind them that at Luther we are more interested in offering students a broad education than in enabling them to become experts in a specialty. We explain that we ask each student to combine a series of required courses with a major because we believe that a good education requires thinking broadly about many matters (hence, the general education requirements) and thinking deeply about a single area of inquiry (hence, the major requirement).  More than ever, it seems to us, the actual major will not be that important over the course of one’s life.

And yet, the question is a fair one. We find that most of our students choose jobs and develop careers that grow naturally out of the political science major. Even when the work is related only tangentially to the study of politics, we believe that the reading, writing, and communication skills that are central to our courses provide good preparation for any work.

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