Why Pursue Engineering at Luther College?

The World Needs Well-Rounded Engineers

When you pursue a degree in Engineering Science at Luther College, you become a well-rounded engineer.

  • There are lots of engineers in the world, but few have the depth and breadth of the so-called T-shaped engineer. The T represents both vertical depth of knowledge in scientific, technical areas, and horizontal breadth in literature, the arts, philosophy, and more. At Luther, we help you become a T-shaped engineer who can draw on a breadth of knowledge to generate innovative solutions.
  • Successful engineers must have great soft skills, such as effective communication, outside-of-the-box thinking, the ability to develop dynamic relationships, and persistence in challenging situations. Luther gives you the flexibility to choose a wide range of technical and nontechnical courses that help you develop both technical knowledge and soft skills, as opposed to engineering programs where your course load is almost all technical courses.
  • Studying a wide range of physics physics courses, beyond the typical engineering program, gives you a strong foundation with which to apply your scientific knowledge to engineering. If you have deep knowledge of why the physical world works the way it does, you’ll be more effective in creating innovative designs.

Luther Grads Succeed in Engineering

Luther graduates have high rates of success in the engineering world.  100% of our students over the long term (data from 2012-2022) have applied to graduate programs leading to the MS or PhD in Engineering fields have been accepted and are either currently in those programs or have obtained their MS or PhD in Engineering and are now working in the field.

Excellent Career Preparation

The Engineering Science program at Luther College prepares you well for a career in engineering.

  • You will develop robust knowledge concerning the practice and theory underlying engineering in courses such as Statics, Mechanics of Materials, Classical Mechanics, Electricity and Magnetism, Thermal and Statistical Physics, and Electronics.
  • Open-ended project work in several of our lab courses particularly in Advanced Lab and in a research-based senior project, helps you learn how to solve complex problems and work effectively with teammates.
  • Research opportunities, where you work side-by-side with an experienced faculty member, help you put your knowledge into practice, stretch yourself, and solve cutting-edge real-world problems.

We don’t need more STEM majors. We need more STEM majors with liberal arts training.

Female scientist in goggles and white coat.

"By all means, let’s grow our STEM graduates as aggressively as possible. But let’s make sure they also have that all-important grounding in the liberal arts."

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Fact: The world needs well-rounded engineers.
Fact: The world needs well-rounded engineers.

Learn why the world needs well-rounded engineers and the various routes that you can take in pursuing engineering at Luther.

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