Trip Leaders

Do you love to work with people? Would you like to enhance your leadership and outdoor skills? Become a leader for the 2022 Endeavor Together Program!

The Endeavor Together Leadership Program provides current Luther students with leadership and outdoor skills training to prepare them to lead the incoming first year pre-orientation trips. Along with Wilderness First Aid training, leaders will learn how to mentor incoming first-year students through the facilitation of group discussions, active listening, and leading group challenges in the out-of-doors, all while creating positive group dynamics.

If selected, you will participate in on-going spring training to improve your leadership and outdoor skills, along with learning the habits of mind to be a thoughtful and dynamic member of a group, as you learn, teach and mentor others in valuable life long skills. A majority of training will take place during the spring semester. The Endeavor Together Program will take place in late August.

2022 Endeavor Together leadership will be by invitation only. Check your Luther email for more information.

For more information, contact Olivia Helland or Jon Jensen.

Who are some of the 2022 leaders?

Katie Beevers:
Hey, y'all, I'm Katie and I'm excited to be working with Endeavor Together this summer! I am originally from Charleston, SC and I'm ecstatic about hopping in a canoe or on the trails with new Luther students. Northeast Iowa has some breathtaking landscapes and I'm ready to explore them while connecting with my peers. As a rising senior, I have spent the last three years in different periods of transition, and I know they offer some challenges so my goal for Endeavor is to help create a community in the outdoors that can be taken into the semester. I can make a mean camp spaghetti and enjoy relaxing at night around the campfire. A fun fact about me is that I have gotten lost on the PCT, twice :) See you in August!

Chilekwa Ling'omba:
Hey, I’m Chilekwa, I’m from Zambia and I’m one of the Endeavor Together leaders for this summer. As a rising Junior I’m really excited to meet a couple incoming freshmen, I really enjoy meeting new people and building new relationships which is one of the main reasons I opteed to be a leader! Frankly I am the last person you’ll see camping, and the least outdoorsy person you’ll ever meet. But I couldn’t pass up the chance to be part of this immersive, fun, and challenging experience. As a leader I aim to help incoming freshmen see the best of what Decorah and Luther have to offer. It’s such an immersive program and I am looking forward to leading some students through it!


Ian Danielson:
I have participated in two endeavor together programs during my time at Luther and both of them have been experiences that I wouldn't trade for anything. As a first-year, I was given a group of people that I genuinely connected with on anything from culture and food to our excitement and concerns about college. It was nice to have people that I knew beyond a surface level heading into Luther with who I could hang out, eat meals with, and continue to unpack the great week that was Endeavor Together. As a leader, I want to give other first years the wonderful experiences that I had when I was in their shoes. Endeavor Together has been one of the most meaningful and growth-inducing adventures of my college experience that has given me some of my best friends here at Luther.