Schedule a Campus Event

Luther College has a busy, stimulating campus environment due to the initiative and inspiration of faculty, staff and students across campus. Planning events requires the coordination of personnel, facilities, and the campus schedule. As you consider scheduling a new or established event you are asked to carefully consider the resources involved.

Please read the policies for Campus Events and Programming before going any further.

Get a date for your event on Luther's calendar by submitting the Campus Event Request Form. Exploring the Calendar of Events will also assist you in selecting potential dates.

If you are considering a summer event or conference, or a personal rental/event, contact Jeff Leschensky, 563-387-1538.

Campus Programming will work with you to identify rooms or venues needed. Some rooms on Luther's campus have special facility contracts. Campus scheduling conflicts may necessitate moving an event to an alternate date or venue.

If you are planning an on-campus meeting (not a public event), identify the most appropriate room for your event, and complete and submit the Room Reservation Form. You may contact Jeff Leschensky in the Campus Programming Office for recommendations.

If your event will involve catered food (for a reception or meal), contact the catering department as soon as possible.

If you plan to host your event in Marty's, please check the date(s) you are considering with the Campus Programming Office. When the date has been cleared on the calendar, you will receive an email form to submit. The form must be submitted to have the event scheduled and placed on the calendar.

If you are considering planning a series or a new annual event, please go to Planning a Series of Events or Annual Event.

Immediately following your event, please complete an Event Report Form.