Fishing and Hunting

Northeast Iowa contains some of the best trout fishing in the Midwest. Likewise, the hunting opportunities for a vast array of game animals are at the fingertips of students.

The bucks people dream of are abound in northeast Iowa for those who spend the time to notice them. Pheasant hunting has grown as well but please follow the DNR guidelines.

Public Hunting Areas

Areas in Winneshiek County as listed by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources

Gun Storage is available at CHASE THE ADVENTURE gun and hunt club, located at 1838 Middle Calmar Road. They have many other amenities so check out their webpage for more information.  Telephone Number is: 563-532-9821


Decorah is well-known for the excellent trout fishing opportunities that exist on the outskirts of the town. Almost all of the streams contain reproducing trout, and most are stocked with trout every few weeks. Find out more about the 11 trout streams that exist around Winneshiek County along with other specific information about the stream or river by visiting the Iowa DNR Trout Stream website