Mid-Winter and Spring events 2022

Thank you for checking the Outdoor Recreation program out!!!

Here are some of the upcoming events in February!

Feb. 11 - Night Hike at Dunning Springs. Meet in front of the Union at 8pm for a ride there. Bring a headlamp if you have one.

Feb. 16 - Mid-week Hike at Malanaphy Springs. 3:30-5:30. A perfect stress reliever as we explore Decorah's famous springs in the winter! Meet in front of the Union

Feb. 18 - Night Hike at Malanaphy Springs! 8-10pm. Bring your headlamp and hike with us under a full moon! Reservations are encouraged so we can plan accordingly!

Feb. 20 - Hiking at Effigy Mounds - Join the Outdoor staff as we travel to Marquette, IA to the famous Effigy Mounds. Seeing the Native American burial grounds in the winter is a must see! Reserve your spot on the van.

Feb. 23 - Mid-week Hike at Lionberger Reserve. Luther owns its own piece of heaven so join us as we explore this outdoor wonder! 3:30-5:30pm. Meet in front of the Union for a ride.

Feb. 25 - Bonfire/S'mores along with a Night Frisbee game! 7:30-10:00. Library Lawn. Join the Outdoor Rec staff on a starry winter evening for a special winter treat along with a rousing game of frisbee in the dark!

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