Registration Procedures

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Registration Dates, Tips, and Policies 

Information regarding the upcoming registration period can be found on the Information for Students page.

Closed Courses

If a student wishes to enroll in a course that is closed, the student’s advisor should forward the request, with rationale, to the department/program head of the department/program in which the course is listed. The department/program head, in conversation with the instructor, will decide whether to authorize the request, then contact the Registrar’s office. J-Term 185 course enrollments are also monitored by the Registrar’s office.

Cross-Listed Courses

Please check whether a cross-listed course is “closed” or “open” on My.luther. Enrollment information only reflects one of the disciplines under which the course is listed.

Extra-Hours Charges

Extra credit hours are charged for each hour in excess of 36 hours, determined based on the total number of credit hours a student has registered for in the academic year (including the fall, January, and spring terms). Excluded are credit hours for private music lessons, class music lessons, vocal coaching, INTS 130, HP 100 (Wellness), and the first ES 110 skills course. The transfer credits earned in some off-campus study programs are also included in the extra hours calculation. Credit hours for courses dropped without academic record are excluded from this calculation. Please see Financial Services for more information.

Failure to Drop a Course

If a student does not attend class but fails to drop a course in Norse Hub, faculty are to record a grade of “F.”