Chemical Spills

For situations that threaten fire or explosion and spills in which hazardous vapors are present, sound the building fire alarm. If you have bodily contact with the spilled material, immediately remove any contaminated clothing and flush all areas affected with large amounts of water (with the exception of chemicals that react with water). Be aware of hazardous materials in your area.

Call Campus Safety and Security, ext. 2111 and/or 9-911, and identify

  • Yourself and the reason you are calling
  • The exact location of the emergency
  • The nature of the emergency
  • Any injuries or symptoms observed
  • All hazardous materials involved, that you are aware of

Evacuate the building, maintaining a safe distance and leave clear access for arriving emergency personnel. Do not return to the area until instructed to do so by emergency personnel. Be available to advise emergency response personnel when they arrive. Someone responsible for the room or building should be present to provide details of the incident.

Notify emergency personnel of those injured or exposed to the effects of the spill and any action taken or needed. (Example: safety shower, medical attention, etc.).