Hazardous Odors and Leaks

Report any suspected gas leak to Campus Safety and Security, ext. 2111, and/or 9-911.

Be prepared to provide:

  • Your name
  • Nature of the incident
  • The name of the chemical or gas
  • Building name
  • Floor or area affected
  • Room number

Should you detect any hazardous odors or an odor of gas, dial Campus Safety and Security, ext. 2111.

In the event of gas leaks evacuate the area and dial Campus Safety and Security, ext. 2111, and/or 9-911, and wait for further instructions.

Do not use or activate items that can generate a spark in the general vicinity. Light switches, fire alarm pull stations, phones, elevators, etc., can all initiate a spark with resultant explosions. Exit lower or upper floors via the stairs. Do not use elevators.

Confine any fire or fumes to the extent that you can by closing any doors to the affected area, if you can safely do so. In case of a threat of hazardous material, or a chemical spill, do not enter the area. This will help limit the impact of the leak or fire.

Notify others in the immediate vicinity, if you can safely do so.

Upon exiting the building, maintain a safe distance from the building.

Leave adequate room for emergency personnel at the scene.

Do not return to the building until given approval by emergency personnel.

If you have information about the source of the odor or leak, report in person to emergency personnel.