Sheltering in Place

If an incident occurs outdoors, the buildings around you become unstable, or if the air outdoors becomes dangerous due to toxic or irritating substances in the air, it may be safer to stay indoors. Thus, to “shelter in place” means to make a shelter in the building you are in. If you are outdoors, proceed to the closest building quickly or follow instructions from emergency personnel on the scene.

Should this type of situation arise, a shelter in place notification will be sent to the community through our emergency notification system. To shelter in place, close all exterior doors, shut and lock all windows, turn off air conditioners and fans, close off ventilation systems if you are able (college staff will turn off building ventilation systems as quickly as possible when necessary), and place a rolled up towel under the door to the room.

Monitor your cell phone and email for further instructions and additional updates. A subsequent notification will be sent when it is no longer necessary to shelter in place.