Don Kemp Memorial Scholarship

Don Kemp came to Decorah, Iowa in 1978 after working as the Chief of Field Operations for the Alaska Division of Public Assistance. Don was a leader in the social work program at Luther College from 1978-2003. Don’s contributions to the social work program, campus community, social work profession and broader community are too many to name, but a few key highlights include:

  • Founder of the Can Mountain Day event which took place at Luther College from 1993-2003 and raised thousands of dollars for Winneshiek County Habitat for Humanity.
  • Helped establish the Luther College Habitat for Humanity “Home for Christmas” project
  • Volunteer Executive Director for Winneshiek County Habitat for Humanity
  • Served on the Winneshiek County Resource and Conservation and Development Board
  • Established the Environmental College for Young Leaders at Luther College
  • Chairperson for the Iowa Confederation for Social Work Educators
  • 1997 Social Worker of the Year
  • Advocated for social work licensing in the state of Iowa

The Don Kemp Memorial Social Work Scholarship was established by his family on the 4th day of March 2004, to honor Don’s memory as husband and father, teacher and social justice activist. It is awarded to a junior social work major who best embodies the mission and objectives of the Social Work Program with personal qualities of commitment, initiative and service.

Past Recipients:
2004 Rachel Mandsager
2005 Kara Kulzer
2006 Bethel Erickson
2007 Nora Haupt
2008 Anne Karlin
2009 Makara Fairman
2010 Adriana Diaz
2011 Siri Lokensgard
2012 Alicia Findley
2013 Shaina Landhuis
2014 Joshua Davis
2015 Katherine Kovacovich
2016 Elizabeth Hardy
2017 Savannah Hartman
2018 Jana Mueller
2019 Sanna Berdahl
2020 Kristen Erickson
2021 Anna Tahnk
2022 Adria Ebersole

Jessa Slostad Memorial Scholarship

Jessa Slostad was a social work student at Luther College from 1999 to 2002. She had cystic fibrosis during her lifetime and died in the spring of 2002 as a result of the disease. She was an independent, hard working student who appeared to be as carefree and cheerful as any other student on campus. She insisted on not being different and not being treated differently because of her health issues. 

The Jessa Slostad Memorial Scholarship was founded by her family and the social work program faculty after her death to honor her memory as a student who met extraordinary challenges with equanimity. The award is given annually to a junior social work major that shows financial need and qualifies for Student Support Services.

Past Recipients:
2003 Kindra-Ann Kruse
2004 Marita Herker
2005 Amy Monroe
2006 Sherry Bucheit
2007 Christa Person
2008 Whitney Lehman
2009 Kristie Wimmer
2010 Suzy Weinand
2011 Melissa Schlarmann
2012 Taylor Thoreson
2013 Josh Davis
2014 LeahAnne Dahlquist
2015 Chelsie Wohlers
2016 Lara Bacon
2017 Ashley Veseer
2018 Italee Castellon
2019 Tamar Tedla
2020 Sadie Baker
2021 Rachel Clennon
2022 Gabriella Vargas