Luther College Today

Luther College today is in a strong position, with much to celebrate. Ranked among the top 100 liberal arts colleges, we are nationally recognized for our foundational Paideia program, the number of our students awarded prestigious Fulbright scholarships, and the percentage of our students who study abroad. Our program in music enjoys international distinction, and we are leaders in environmental sustainability. Within months of graduation, nearly 100 percent of Luther graduates are employed, engaged in graduate or professional study, or involved in volunteer service. Our graduates push the frontiers of science; build thriving businesses; educate and nurture our children; address disease, poverty, and injustice; develop new technologies; protect the earth and promote sustainability; strengthen our faith; and create art and music that elevate our spirit and nourish our humanity.

Our identity as a college in the Lutheran tradition (ELCA) marks us as a community that is both rooted and open. Neither sectarian nor secular, Luther College shapes lives of meaning and purpose in service to the neighbor. We seek excellence informed by a tradition that couples freedom of inquiry with intellectual humility. We holistically educate mind, body, and spirit to promote the well-being of individuals so that communities may flourish. We identify oppression and seek justice to heal divisions. We practice radical hospitality, welcoming all so that we may learn from all. Luther College is a laboratory for life. Our residential setting in a vibrant town surrounded by natural beauty invites immersion and exploration. Students take risks, test new roles, and develop their goals and values in a collaborative and supportive community. They develop lifelong skills and relationships, an entrepreneurial spirit, and a sense of wonder, purpose, and adventure.

An education at Luther College is a transformation more than a transaction. Our deeply invested faculty and staff are committed to ways of learning, teaching, and mentoring that encourage students to achieve their highest potential. Working together, our faculty and staff create the signature quality of Luther College: an education individually crafted with students to promote growth and discovery.