Action Plan Task Force

Bell Green at Luther College

Action Plan Task Force members

  • Andrew Bailey, assistant controller, financial services
  • Mike Blair, college pastor
  • Brad Chamberlain, professor of chemistry
  • Renae Hartl, director of intercollegiate athletics/head softball coach
  • Jim Jermier, vice president for development
  • Kevin Kraus, vice president for academic affairs and dean of the college
  • Corey Landstrom, vice president and dean for student life
  • Richard Merritt, professor of art
  • Jayme Nelson, associate professor of nursing
  • Eric Runestad, vice president for finance and administration
  • Scot Schaeffer, vice president for enrollment management
  • Lisa Scott, dean for institutional equity and inclusion
  • Terry Sparkes, dean for institutional planning and mission
  • Lori Stanley, professor of anthropology
  • Jay Uthoff, director of facilities services
  • Aimee Viniard-Weideman, vice president for communications and marketing

Eric Runestad and Terry Sparkes will serve as co-chairs of the Task Force.

Task Force Charge and Process

Charge:  During fall 2017, the Action Plan Task Force will develop an ambitious and prioritized set of activities that will help the College advance the goals outlined in the strategic plan draft.  The Task Force will engage regularly with the Strategic Planning Committee co-chairs and the College’s planning consultants, Keeling & Associates, to develop, review, revise, and finalize action items. For each action item, the Task Force will create timelines and sequences, make tentative assignments of responsibility and accountability, define assessment methods and metrics, and identify resources required to achieve the goals and objectives of the strategic plan. Action items will include those suggested in the planning process over the past year as well as others that emerge in this next phase of planning.

Membership: The Task Force includes administrators and faculty with knowledge of and responsibility for resource allocation and management. Some members of the Strategic Planning Committee will also serve on the Task Force. This will assure that those with expertise and oversight in areas central to the plan’s goals are involved in working out the details of the plan. 

Task Force Working Groups: The Action Plan Task Force will create working groups for each of the strategic plan’s four goals. The working groups will obtain information and data needed, help define the specific action items, ask questions important to the process, and gather suggestions and feedback useful in developing the Action Plan. The working groups will include faculty and staff with expertise and experience relevant to the initiatives being developed, and will consult with other members of the campus community as needed to obtain information and data, ask questions pertinent to the process, and gather suggestions or feedback that might be useful in developing the action plan.

Timeframe: The Action Plan Task Force will begin work in September 2017 and continue through February 2018.  After completing the action plan, the Task Force and the Strategic Planning Committee will work with Keeling and Associates to synthesize and distill prior versions and drafts of the strategic plan into a cohesive, integrated document including the full action plan. The Task Force will hold open forums to review their work with the campus community and the final strategic plan will be presented formally to the Board of Trustees for approval at their February 2018 meeting.