Our vision of a comprehensive student experience that develops whole persons guides our strategic plan, ensuring that all students are inspired, empowered, and engaged to thrive, serve, and lead in an ever-changing world.

Our renewed student experience will lead students through self-exploration, reflection, engagement, and service, a progression of inward to outward discoveries that will expand upon place and community each of their four years at Luther College. Students will learn about themselves and others through an interdisciplinary curriculum that emphasizes intersections. New perspectives and awareness will be shaped and refined into direction and purpose through intentional reflection and advising pathways. Internships and study-away experiences will expand students’ sense of community and engage them with the neighbor.

Finally, leadership development through service will teach students how to use their strengths to work across differences in order to build community. Supporting each aspect of the experience is an emphasis on well-being that will teach students how to integrate their values and goals into lives and careers as servant leaders who are centered and resilient, empowered to serve the common good in an ever-changing world.