Chi Theta Rho

Chi Theta Rho Members 2019-2020


Nickname: XOP
Founding: 1980
Colors: Green and White
Symbol: White Rose

Executive Board

President: Cassandra Michel
Vice President: Erin Haefner
Secretary and Historian: Brynn Vanzee
Treasurer/Fundraising: Annelise Myer
Pledge Mistress: Sadie Baker
Inter-Greek Council Representative: Erin Haefner
Service Chair/Philanthropy: Rachel Soika
Social Chair: Sabrina Marken

About Us

Chi Theta Rho was formed in 1980 by a small collection of women, who were interested in creating a unique group of individuals that could come together as friends while also participating in community and service activities. Chi Theta Rho was started to promote new friendships, service, and academics. The Greek letters XΘP were chosen to represent these three objectives.

Mission Statement

The purpose of Chi Theta Rho shall be that of a social organization for those individuals that identify as female that, in addition to social functions, shall perform on-campus service projects to better Luther College, and off-campus service projects to better the larger community we live in. Our goal as a Greek organization is to promote academic excellence of our members; to create friendships and sisterhood where they may not have existed before; to encourage individuality; and to make group participation a more enriching endeavor in every aspect of our existence at Luther College. 

Philanthropy and Service

We have two main philanthropy events that work with two organizations: Free the Girls Bra Drive and Red Thread Movement. Both work toward stopping sex trafficking at borders and helping women caught in it to get out. This past year we donated about 220 bras to the Free the Girls organization, which helps women get out of sex trafficking through starting up their own business of second-hand clothing stores. Chi Theta Rho's initial purpose continues to be the driving force behind the group. We are motivated to promote academic excellence, to create friendships where they may not have existed before, to encourage individuality, and to make group participation an enriching endeavor in all aspect of our existence at Luther College. Our members are intelligent, goal-oriented women who want to improve, not just enjoy, their surroundings. We are philanthropists, leaders, role models, friends, and most importantly sisters.