Omega Omega Omega


Nickname: Tri O's, Tri-Omega
Founding: 1954
Colors: Green and Black
Symbol: Wolf

Executive Board

President: Leo Naughton-Herbach

Vice President: Andrew Moore

Treasurer: Zach Sturgeon

Inter-Greek Council Representative: Leo Naughton-Herbach

Pledge Coordinator: Claire Goodfellow

About Us

Omega Omega Omega is a diverse and active group of people within the Luther College community and is one of three fraternities on campus. The fraternity is comprised of a diverse group of people; each contributes positively to both the organization and Luther College. Brotherhood, loyalty, creativity, and diversity are the fundamental ideals of the organization, and our events support these ideals. Our members are active in a variety of extracurricular activities and study a wide variety of disciplines. The members of Tri-Omega have always been an outstanding group of students devoted to comradery, loyalty, creativity, and diversity as a means to a quality Liberal Arts education. Ultimately, Tri-Omega aims to be an organization that provides support for its members and the community, both as future people of the workforce as well as volunteers.

Mission Statement

Tri-Omega is compliant to Luther College’s Mission Statement and as a diverse group of people we support the constitutional right to freedom of religion and subscribe to its merits in our liberal arts education. Furthermore, we welcome the challenge and multi-disciplinary aspects of a liberal arts education, as we believe a group similar to ours would be rare at a college without this education system. Finally, as an organization, we appreciate the majesty of nature and Luther College’s unique location in relation to it and how it influences our education and worldview.

Philanthropy and Service

Community service is a focal point of the Omega Omega Omega fraternity. These projects provide both necessary services for the community as well as time the organization can develop in areas such as developing teamwork and brotherhood. The organization plans service projects that reflects the wide array of beliefs within the organization. Service projects include volunteering at the local Humane Society and putting on charity music events for Luther students and the larger community.