Recognized Student Organizations

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Name of Organization Purpose of Organization Organization Email
Active Minds The purpose of Active Minds is to reduce the stigma of discussing and seeking help for mental health by promoting open, enlightened discussion of mental health; and to promote balance for all who struggle. We do this by providing education about mental health disorders, encouraging positive coping skills for all individuals, facilitating social change, fighting stigma around mental health, and increasing access to resources. [email protected]
Alpha Phi Omega To prepare Luther students to become campus and future community leaders through service. [email protected]
Anthropology Club The Anthropology Club aims to create a community of students with interests in Anthropology, where students have a space to talk, learn and debate about issues or ideas in Anthropology through various activities like movie nights, to invite speakers, discussing careers and the job market. As well as fostering an environment where students can create connections and meet new friends. So that we can build networks with people within and outside of the Anthropology major. The Anthropology Club will host a variety of events like movie screenings, Anthropology Day, and education of Anthropology through various presentations on graduate school programs and careers, and to bring in guest speakers. a[email protected]
Asian Student Association and Allies Provide a warm environment for Asian students as well as have American students know more about Asian heritage and traditions [email protected]
Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) The purpose of ACM at Luther is to:
1. Expand knowledge on technology beyond what is taught in the classroom, including Agile and web frameworks.
2. Build a community of technology and computer science enthusiasts within Luther College and provide a space for them to build connections and share experiences with each other.
3. Provide advice and share experience by members about internships, personal projects, and interview preparations.
4. Provide connections to professionals pursuing careers in the field of technology.
[email protected]
Beta Theta Omega (BTQ) The purpose of this organization is to:
A. Provide opportunities for the members to develop and strengthen their self-confidence, personal integrity and leadership qualities.
B. Provide opportunities for members to learn from each other and about each other and to be supportive of each other thereby strengthening the bonds of sisterhood.
C. Encourage members to take on leadership roles in other settings both on and off campus.
D. Help members to develop the consciousness and commitment that will instruct them to use their capability to advance themselves, their gender, and the whole of humanity to a higher level of human life.
E. Work with other women, women's organizations and progressive men on issues of gender justice.
[email protected]
Black Student Union (BSU) A space that serves as a political, social, cultural, and support center for all students of African Descent as well as our allies.We are committed to the growth and well being of the community with emphasis on the Black Population, through the sharing of similar and different cultural experiences, mentorship, leadership training, empowerment, and other channels.We strive to assemble, through representation of all Black students and community, a proactive organization to formally address issues that affect the Black Community, both on campus and in the larger community. [email protected]
Cards Society The purpose of our organization to learn a variety of card games (including—but not limited to—Euchre, 500, Hearts, Texas Hold ‘Em, Cribbage, Rummy, and Liverpool) and participate in no-risk social tournaments. Objectives for this organization include learning the strategies involved in these aforementioned card games and to foster a friendly social environment in which to enjoy them. [email protected]
Catholic Student Community CSC is a pretty nifty group designed to build community between Luther students, town members, and members of the St. Benedict's Catholic parish, provide access to Catholic masses, and help tackle that faith transition known as "college." [email protected]
Checkmate (Chess Club) The purpose of Checkmate is to embrace the culture of chess: origin of international chess and Chinese chess; to inspire to have discipline in critical mind training, and promote friendship between Luther students. [email protected]
Chemistry Club It shall be the purpose of Chemistry Club to host educational, informational and entertaining events involving chemistry. [email protected]
CITE: Creators in Technology and Engineering To provide Luther students with an opportunity to work together in a technical, creative, and business-like way. CITE is a chance for students of all majors to network and collaborate with other students on project(s) with technology being at its core. [email protected]
Classical Society It shall be the purpose of Classical Society to provide an inclusive environment to foster passion for classics and its sub-disciplines among Luther College students, faculty, and staff. [email protected]
Climbing Club

Climbing Club helps people interested in climbing meet other climbers, gets people climbing outside, and helps bring new climbers to the sport. We seek to create a positive environment at Luther's climbing wall, and promote an active and supportive climbing community. Visit our website for more information: Climbing Club

[email protected]
Consulting Club Consulting Club provides a platform for students who are interested in consulting (may include economics, business management, and accounting) and spread the awareness of the consulting profession. Practice real-life cases together for the case interviews; bring speakers and alumni to campus to share their experience at different consulting companies. [email protected]
Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) Play with children with disabilities on the Luther campus for two hours once a month to give the children's parents/caretakers a break(respite). [email protected]
Entrepreneurship Club (E-Club) The Entrepreneurship Club is dedicated to cultivating and nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit at Luther College. The Entrepreneurship Club's mission is to support student entrepreneurs in their endeavors to learn about launching and growing successful ventures. [email protected]
ECO (Environmental Concerns) The purpose of ECO is to further deepen the roots of sustainability, simple living, and environmental advocacy on campus and in the community. ECO aims to reach beyond the Luther bubble to share and expand our model of sustainable communities with other institutions and communities.
FMEA (Future Music Educators Association) The Future Music Educator's Association is a professional organization that gives future educators of music the ability to receive pre-occupational experience that helps them to grow as better teachers and musicians. FMEA helps to network and create opportunities so that graduating music educators will be successful in their career field as representatives of the Luther College Music Education department. [email protected]
Food Council To be the student representatives to Luther College Dining Services. We strive to boost communication between students and food staff to better the dining experience for students at Luther. [email protected]
Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) We relentlessly pursue an active community of athletes dedicated to love, joy, and unity on the foundation of faith. [email protected]
Freya Women's Ultimate Team The purpose of Freya Women's Ultimate Team is to provide a place for female athletes to play ultimate, embody the "spirit of the game", and create a strong community both on and off the field. [email protected]
Global Health Club  To serve as a resource/platform for Global Health research/discussion/career opportunities to students at Luther. Topics could include COVID-19+ past outbreaks, water, sanitation, malnutrition, access to medicine/healthcare, determinants of health, maternal health, International laws and policies, GH leaders and org, and many more.
- To raise awareness for health issues that affect people all over the world by celebrating World Health Day (April 7, ‘22), and other health issues such as World AIDS Day (Dec 1,’21), The Breast Cancer Awareness Month (October ‘22), World Malaria Day (April 25, ‘22) and many more.
- To educate the student body about foreign medical cultures and ongoing global health crises in order to increase our involvement in the broader Global Health community outside Luther College.
GrandPALS It shall be the purpose of GrandPALS to foster positive inter-generational relationships by connecting Luther students with residents at local nursing homes, including Aase Haugen, Wellington Place, and Barthell Eastern Star Home. Students will meet with their grandpal at least every other week during the academic semesters to share meals, read books, go on walks, listen to music, make crafts, and reminisce. [email protected]
Habitat for Humanity Started in 1992, the Luther College Habitat for Humanity Campus Chapter (LCHFH) has been active in the community and abroad, helping to build, fundraise, advocate, and educate the Luther College community and the greater community around us. [email protected]
Health Sciences Club To educate students about becoming prepared for professional school by bringing in representatives. To give students an idea of the types of health-related careers that they may be interested in pursuing. Bringing in MDs, PTs, OTs, and other health professionals to give information about their careers and answer students' questions. Provide volunteering and BLS certification opportunities to students. [email protected]
International Student & Allies Association (ISAA) This organization serves as a platform for cultural exchange among domestic and international students. This organization holds meetings every week to discuss issues facing various countries as well as the one we reside in. Campus wide events such as the Fashion Show is held to showcase multiple national attires and what occasions they are worn for. The International Education Week is another campus wide event where activities such as panel discussions are set up to discuss endeavors of students who partook in the Peace Scholars project in other countries, documentaries are shown on pressing social international issues, a lecture is given by a guest speaker as well and is topped off on the weekend by a global potluck and a soccer tournament. [email protected]
Intersectional Feminist Club The mission for the Intersectional Feminist Club is to serve as a social resource and support center for students who identify ideologically with the principles of Intersectional Feminism, especially with historical and marginalized groups such as women, LGBTQI+, and ethnic minorities. We strive to educate students about the significance of gender equality, feminism, sexism, racism, and general equality issues of any kind.
KWLC To play awesome music shows and relevant and entertaining talk shows for the Luther, Decorah and wider community! [email protected]
Latines Unides To create an environment where students of Hispanic origin have the freedom to express themselves safely and without judgement. [email protected]
LUFDA - Men's Ultimate Frisbee To compete against other schools to the best of our abilities and to grow the ultimate community at Luther College. [email protected]
Luther Association of Gamers  To create and maintain a community of students interested in tabletop role-playing games and tabletop war-games, as well as promoting gaming as a social activity and as a learning experience.
[email protected]
Luther College Nordic Ski Club The purpose of Luther Nordic is to bring together new and veteran skiers alike to promote an active and supportive skiing community at Luther College and in Decorah. Its objectives will be to create a dedicated time and place for learning, for competition, and above all, for fostering a love of the sport and the winter season. [email protected]
Luther College  ACapella Luther currently has five acapella groups: Beautiful Mess, Undeclared, Bromatic Progression, Fermata Nowhere, and Jubilus. Membership is based on auditions [email protected]
Luther Ballroom/Swing Dance Club In keeping with Luther's mission as a liberal arts college, Luther College Ballroom & Swing seeks to provide a supportive and enjoyable ballroom dance experience for dancers of all levels. We engage the whole person in this art form, through social and competitive dance. [email protected]
Luther College Cheerleading Promote student, faculty, staff and public spirit around Luther athletics. [email protected]
Luther College Chips Luther College Chips is a student run newspaper from start to finish. We aim to provide members of the Luther community, as well as the surrounding Decorah community, with relevant and factual news and information. [email protected]
Luther College Dance Marathon (LCDM) The Luther College Dance Marathon provides emotional and financial support to families treated at the University of Iowa Stead Family Children's Hospital through their association with Children's Miracle Network as a recognized Miracle Network Dance Marathon program. In doing so, Luther College Dance Marathon creates an atmosphere that allows Luther students to grow both personally and academically. [email protected]
Luther College Democrats The Luther College Democrats pledges itself to support the philosophy and candidates of the Democratic Party. Furthermore, the Luther College Democrats declares its intention to support all efforts to increase the participation of college students in Democratic affairs. To these ends, the College Democrats shall educate and train its members so that they may be better able to:
1. Educate students about the philosophy of the Democratic Party;
2. Assist in the election of local, state, and national Democratic candidates.
3. Affect political change on the local, state, and national level.
[email protected]
Luther College Disability Alliance The purpose of this organization is to serve as a political, cultural, social, and support center for all students that self-identify as having a disability, as well as our allies. This organization will be for people with disabilities and led by people who have disabilities. [email protected]
Luther College Model United Nations The Luther Model United Nations (MUN) team has a strong commitment toward creating awareness on political, economic, social, and humanitarian issues that affect the entire global community. [email protected]
Luther College Men's Volleyball Club To provide a space for male athletes to participate in the sport they love and to grow the sport of men's volleyball [email protected]
Luther College Pep Band [email protected]
Luther Political Review The purpose of The Luther Political Review is to promote student scholarship, education of political issues, and global engagement. The Luther Political Review shall be an educational forum for the Decorah Community, and shall remain nonpartisan and student-led. 
Luther College Shakespeare Society Luther College Shakespeare Society provides theatrical performance, literary exploration, technical, and production opportunities to students. Through these events, we emphasize the values of creative expression, collaboration, and inclusion. The goal of this organization is to foster an environment where any and all students can meet, read, discuss, and perform the works of William Shakespeare. [email protected]
Luther College Social Work Association To foster relationships within the social work department among students and with faculty members; to engage in service events both in the Luther College and Decorah communities; to provide information about the social work major and profession to members

[email protected]

Luther Powerlifting Club The purpose of this organization is to help Luther students have access to the sport of Powerlifting. [email protected]
Luther Student Education Association (LSEA) It shall be the purpose of the Luther Student Education Association (LSEA) to provide a collaborative environment for all Luther preservice teachers that offers enrichment and social opportunities outside of the Luther Teacher Education Program (TEP) curriculum. Students from all majors are welcome and invited to attend LSEA events, whether or not they are pursuing a career in education. [email protected]
Luther Disability Alliance The purpose of this organization is to serve as a political, cultural, social, and support center for all students that self-identify as having a disability, as well as our allies. This organization will be for people with disabilities and led by people who have disabilities. [email protected]
Luther Student Nurses Association (LSNA) Provide an environment that is welcoming to all Luther College Nursing Students. This group gives nursing students the opportunity to fundraise for health-related causes, listen to alumni speakers, partake in relaxing activities, and assist in mentoring other nursing students. [email protected]
Martial Arts Club The purpose of Martial Arts Club is to teach members self defense techniques,
different styles of martial arts, and provide a space for people to practice their
techniques. This will be done with the intent to help members be able to defend
themselves in an attack situation and build self-confidence.
Men’s Rugby To play the best sport in the world. [email protected]
Mock Trial To teach students how the judicial systems works by way of working through a legal case as either a witness or an attorney. We help them establish confidence in public speaking, thinking on their feet, working in teams, and critical thinking. Each year we receive a case and then prepare either prosecution/plaintiff or defense case. We then travel across the Midwest to compete in tournaments against other schools. [email protected]
Norse Against Sexual Assault (NASA) Norse Against Sexual Assault (NASA) is a collaborative student organization that aims to raise awareness about sexual violence, educate members of the community, build a campus culture that is intolerant to all forms of sexual violence, and stand in solidarity to support survivors. [email protected]
Norskklubb Norskklubb is devoted to celebrating Nordic culture, both past and present, with a focus on the country of Norway. Our goals center around providing community-gathering events focusing on Nordic culture. [email protected]
Orchesis Dance Group The purpose of Orchesis is to create a community where people feel loved, appreciated, and able to express themselves through dance. We rehearse three times a week and perform at every opportunity in order to share our appreciation for this art form and each other. [email protected]
Outreach Ministries To build a community of students who share their faith with youth by leading retreats in collaboration with local congregations. [email protected]
PALS PALS is a community-oriented organization that serves to unite Luther students with children of the Decorah community. Through mentoring, students transform into role models while young children gain valuable life skills and long-lasting friendships. [email protected]
Performing Arts Committee Our purpose is to bring a variety of musical and theatrical professional performers to Luther students and the broader Decorah community in an effort to expose all to a diverse array of art and talent found across the globe. [email protected]
Philosophy Society To facilitate dialogue and debate on campus by providing a weekly space for discussion of philosophical topics as well as public events. [email protected]
Pound Ultimate Frisbee The purpose of Pound Ultimate is to provide an open and competitive community of frisbee players. As we transition into a new mixed team, we want to accept all gender identities to our team and maintain open communication on and off the field. [email protected]
PRIDE To create and promote an accepting environment for all students, specifically geared towards the LGBTQIA+ community. [email protected]
Psychology Club The mission of Luther College Psychology Club is to provide an inclusive environment for all students who are interested in psychology to learn about and experience various facets of the field in an engaging, community-centered manner. [email protected]
Student Activities Council (SAC) SAC takes pride in creating programming responsive to the needs and interests of the Luther student population. We strive to provide students with opportunities to engage in cultural, educational, social, and recreational activities that foster the development of leadership and teamwork skills.
[email protected]
SAC Concerts To plan and organize concerts on campus [email protected]
SAC Entertainment Bring a variety of programming to campus for students to enjoy. [email protected]
SAC Homecoming To coordinate all SAC activities during Luther's Homecoming Week [email protected]
SAC Service To organize and facilitate service projects for Luther students that benefit the Luther and Decorah communities. [email protected]
Society of Physics Students

The Society of Physics Students (SPS) is a professional association explicitly designed for students and their advisers. Membership, through collegiate chapters, is open to anyone interested in physics. The only requirement for membership is that you be interested in physics. Besides physics majors, our members include majors in astronomy, chemistry, computer science, engineering, geology, mathematics, medicine, and other fields.

SPS is a chapter based society that exists to help students transform themselves into contributing members of the professional community. Traditional coursework develops only one range of skills. Other skills needed to flourish professionally include effective communication and personal interactions, leadership experience, establishing a personal network of contacts, presenting scholarly work in professional meetings and journals, research experiences, and outreach services to the campus and local communities. Through its members, advisers, chapters, and leadership, SPS enables national initiatives and local impacts within the community. SPS supports students, advisers, and departments to improve the overall community.

Locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally, the SPS offers the opportunity for these important enrichments to the student's experience.

[email protected]
SPIN Theatre Company Article II: Mission and Inclusion Statement
a. Mission Statement
SPIN Theatre Company is a student-led organization advised by faculty member Jeff Dintaman. SPIN Theatre Company provides theatrical performance, technical, and production opportunities to students. Through these events, we emphasize the values of creative expression, collaboration, and inclusion.
b. Inclusion Statement
As an equal opportunity organization, SPIN Theatre Company will not discriminate due to an applicant's major, minor, previous experience, race, color, faith, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability status, or personal relationship to board members.
[email protected]
Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) The purpose of SAAC is to represent Luther College student athletes so that their experience here is the best it can be. We take suggestions from the student athlete population and try to find solutions in order to improve our athletic teams and facilities. We also find opportunities to give back to the greater Decorah community as a show of appreciation for their support.
Student Philanthropy Council The Student Philanthropy Council generates awareness and enthusiasm about giving by creating connections among Luther students, the campus community, alumni and donors. [email protected]
Student Senate We serve Luther students and student organizations by providing them with resources to achieve their goals. [email protected]
Tau Delta Gamma Tau Delta Gamma is an organization of nearly 60 women built on the lasting belief in the importance of sisterhood and friendship. Our organization strives to prepare and encourage people to serve both the Luther and Decorah community and encourage/support one another through the obstacles and achievements of life. We work to create lasting friendships as well as helping the community around us through service projects both on and off campus .The network of sisterhood is believed to instill the strength to mature all members into strong leaders of society. Sisters. Tau Delta Gamma, not four years but for life. [email protected]
Top Banana Improv Troupe It shall be the purpose of the improvisational troupe to perform for students and patrons of Luther College for entertainment purposes. We will seek out performance opportunities at variety shows and open stage events and provide laughter and community! [email protected]