Office of Student Engagement

The Office of Student Engagement, as part of the Luther College community of faith and learning, is committed to student learning and personal development as the central goals of its services and programs.

The Dean for Student Engagement is responsible for a wide range of student services and activities, and is also the primary liaison between the Office of Student Engagement and the faculty, administration, and Luther Board of Regents.

Student Engagement staff members, in partnership with students, faculty, and other staff, collaborate in the development of living/learning environments where:

  • Services enhance student success
  • Programs foster student responsibility, independence, leadership and service
  • Students are both challenged and supported
  • Students move toward an integrated sense of personal identity and life goals
  • Healthy relationships and lifestyles, strong interpersonal skills and an openness to diverse backgrounds are encouraged
  • Policies are based on community values of high expectations and mutual respect

The Office of Student Engagement, as both teachers and learners, strive to provide leadership for creating intentional communities that make a difference for students: communities that are celebrative, caring, just, open, purposeful, and disciplined.

The following services are coordinated through the Office of Student Engagement:

  • Student handbook
  • Grievance procedures
  • Harassing conduct complaints
  • Leaves of absence
  • Withdrawal and reentry procedures
  • Student directory
  • Student files
  • Judicial system
  • New student orientation
  • Sexual harassment/abuse complaints
  • Student leadership programs
  • General information on student engagement programs, services, co-curricular programming, and other collaborative efforts on campus