Student Handbook

The Luther College Student Handbook is a collection of student conduct standards, policies, and procedures that define community expectations for students at Luther. It also serves as an important resource for students, highlighting a wide variety of topics related to life on the Luther campus.

It is the responsibility of each student to become familiar with the Student Handbook. Students must also become familiar with other official publications including, but not limited to, the Academic Catalog, Emergency Procedure Guide, and other important documents pertaining to student rights and responsibilities.

The Campus Life Committee, a campus-wide body comprised of students, faculty, and staff. Faculty delegate this group to plan and define college policies about student engagement and welfare on campus. The Campus Life Committee works in conjunction with members of the Student Engagement Office to ensure an effective implementation of college policies and procedures.

The policies and statements included in the Student Handbook are not a contract and the college reserves the right to deviate from the policies and statements as deemed necessary from time to time. 

Questions regarding the Luther College Student Handbook and related policies and procedures should be directed to: Student Engagement Office, Dahl Centennial Union 2nd floor, 563-387-1020, [email protected].

Honor Code

All academic work is based on the understanding that everyone engaged in academic discourse, in research, and in teaching is truthful, diligent, and respectful of the work of others. Without this, no academic community can flourish. Academic integrity is the moral code that builds trust between scholars.

Because of this, students at Luther College first adopted an honor code in 1962 and have affirmed its importance for the academic life at Luther ever since. It is every student’s responsibility to observe the college’s Honor Code by not violating academic integrity, and to protect the Honor Code by reporting any possible cases of violation.

View the Honor Code.

Last Reviewed: Feb 23rd, 2016