Chandra Jennings

Director of Nena Amundson Lifetime Wellness Program, Luther College Alum ’08

    “Strengths has been a great tool for Health 100 to support students in and out of the classroom through exploring how they can use their strengths and relate them to health, well-being, and their life while at Luther.”

    Jake Muhlbauer

    Soccer player, Luther College ’22

      “Strengths allowed me to gain a better self-awareness of my own unique contributions and understand my teammates to a deeper extent than before. I learned why certain people act the way they do and what roles they typically thrive in.”

      Sakchham Karki

      Tennis Player, RA, Washington Semester, Luther College ’21

        "I was first introduced to the Strengths Program in my first health class at Luther. I wish I had done this program earlier during my high school days as I could have represented myself better to Luther. I believe Strengths really helps remind me of my abilities. Positivity helps me give a 100% in every activity of the day. I use Responsibility and Includer in my job as an RA. Knowing my strengths has helped me be focused, embrace the day and stay happy."

        Piper Wood

        Peace Scholar, Luther College ’21

          “I can really see a difference in how we conduct discussions and classroom behavior based on our Strengths Team Contract, and it brings an element of respect to everyone's diverse learning styles. Individually, strengths has impacted how I advocate for myself in job interviews by equipping me with tools to communicate attributes that I bring to a team.”

          Sthela Hanitrinirina

          Alum, Luther College ’19

            “As I prepare for graduate school, knowing my Strengths helps me understand my unique identity as an individual, leader, and as a future social worker. It’s increased my awareness of the different skills I use to empower others as well. As I prepare for graduate school, it has supported me in writing my personal statement and choosing the right words for my resume.”

            Chris Garcia-Prats

            Head Men's Soccer Coach and Assistant Athletic Director

              “The Strengths Program has been integral to the development for our men’s soccer leadership council. The players have gained confidence and awareness of their own leadership qualities and have learned about the inner workings of their teammates—strengthening our team and soccer program as a whole.”

              Victoria Christman

              Associate Professor of History, Director of the Center for Ethics and Public Engagement

                “I did not expect to love Strengths, but it has been extremely helpful in terms of encouraging our International Studies students to think about who they are and how they might use this degree as they find their place in the world. It's a tool of inclusive pedagogy as well as a vehicle for introspection and reflection about life. I would encourage everyone to give it a try!”

                Rachel Brummel

                Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies and Political Science

                  “As a professor I have come to embrace Strengths as a great way for environmental studies students to explore the unique roles and contributions they might make as change makers in environmental systems!”

                  Julie Lillis

                  Visiting Assistant Professor of Religion

                    “The Strengths Program gives students valuable tools for understanding differences in personality, preferences, and work habits among group members. Our Religion students have improved communication with one another and bring a more positive attitude to their work together. I highly recommend these tools as a way of helping students grow in self-awareness and in their skills of collaboration.”

                    Nathan Parsons

                    Alum, Luther College ’19

                      “Knowing my Strengths in job interview situations has helped remind me of noteworthy things I’ve done and that may be of value to a potential employer.”