Wellness Program

The Nena Amundson Lifetime Wellness Program strives to lower barriers to health and well-being by promoting a wellness supporting environment on campus, and offering individual and group health education and promotion services, resources, and initiatives to students and employees.

These opportunities are made possible by an estate gift by the late Nena Amundson '56, who taught physical education and coached woman's athletics for more that 40 years, primarily at California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks.

Wellness and Health Promotion Initiatives

CORE Wellness Healthy Campus Initiative

The Nena Amundson Lifetime Wellness program collaborates with a variety of offices on campus to promote a Culture of Respect and Empowerment.  The mission of the CORE Wellness Healthy Campus Initiative is for each member of campus to be empowered to promote a Culture Of Respect and Empowerment for themselves and others' health and well-being.

Dimensions of Wellness 

The Nena Amundson Lifetime Wellness program is a multi-dimensional approach to living a healthy lifestyle for the students and employees at Luther College.  The mission of this program emphasizes eight dimensions of wellness within the existing structures of the diverse Luther community.Women's Health Part of the Nena Amundson estate gift to Luther supports a competitive distinguished professorship.  Special consideration is given to proposals that focus on health and wellness issues for women, as they were central to Amundson's career. 

Wellness and Health Promotion Services and Resources 

Student Wellness and Health Promotion

Employee Wellness and Health Promotion

Nutrition Services

Recreational Services

Challenge Course

Bike Share