Style Guide

This is a homepage intro paragraph. You want to make this count. It's good to hyperlink text on the homepage to other pages on your site. This makes it easier for mobile users to navigate.

Homepage Features

The image slider above is two "Features." A site can have one or more images in the homepage feature. Possible variations include:

  • Image only (no title & text, no link).
  • Image and title only (no text, no link).
  • Image and title & text (no link).
  • Image and link (no title & text).
  • Image and link and title (no text).
  • Image and title, text & link.

Use title case for titles and sentence case for text.

We recommend 6-8 features if doing a slideshow.

Learn more: Watch the Creating Features tutorial on YouTube.

Social Follow Bar

Sites that have social media presences should include "Connect with...". This functionality is currently only accessible to Reason administrators. The order should be as follows:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Newsletter Signup

Contact Information

Every site should have contact information on the left side of the page under the menu and social follow bar. This is created by using a Text Blurb with the special name "Contact Information." The contact information should include the main contact name for the department/office/organization, address, phone, and email. Other information may be added as necessary.

We prefer that separate contact pages not be added to sites.