Standard Image

Standard images are located in the right column of a webpage and are limited to a maximum of three.

  • Dimensions: Upload images that are 600 pixels or above in either width or height. Reason automatically resizes images accordingly for best use on the web. 

Feature Image

Feature images only appear on the top of homepages and usually include a title and description overlay. Feature images occupy the top space of both the center and right columns.

  • Dimensions: 1200 x 575 pixels
  • Always select "Upload this image at full resolution & size" to prevent Reason from downsizing the larger image size of features.
  • The maximum number of features allowed on a homepage is 10.
  • Title and description text combined should not exceed 230 characters (spaces included).

Teaser Image

Teaser images appear with news stories as thumbnails. They display the thumbnail alone without any caption. They only display next to stories on the blog's homepage.

  • Dimensions: Teaser images should be formatted in a 4:3 ratio or 400 by 275 pixels.

Top Image

Top images are similar to features in that they appear on the top of pages, above the content. Top images occupy the top space of both the center and right columns. To activate top images on pages, change the type of page to Top Image after attaching the particular image(s).

  • Dimensions: 1200 x 400 pixels

Video Tutorial

Learn how to upload images and borrow images in Reason (YouTube).