Adding relevant links in your content is great for usability and for search engine optimization (SEO). Both internal links (links to other pages on our website) and external links (links to other websites) are beneficial.

Use Anchor Text

The most important thing to remember when adding links to your content is to add it to anchor text rather than pasting the URL on the page.

It's best to use relevant text for your anchors.

Bad Examples

Register here: https://www2.luther.edu/writersfestival/register/
Register here.

Good Example

To register, fill out the Luther College Writers Festival registration form.

Link Description

When adding your link in the "Insert link" dialog, make sure to include a link description. Use sentence case for the link description.

Email Links

It is possible to link an email address. If the user clicks on this, it pops up the user's default mail program and populates the "To:" field with the given email address.

The description should be "Email <Name>." For example, email Web Content.

Link Style

The style guide defines the style of links, which is blue underlined text. Visited links are generally purple.