Chargepoint EV Station

As an increasing number of Luther students, faculty, and staff have been buying and using electric vehicles, the Center for Sustainable Communities installed an electric vehicle charging station in May 2016 behind the F.W. Olin Building. Drivers of electric vehicles can pay the nominal $0.50 hook-up fee to charge their vehicle. The user also has the option to receive a text when the vehicle is done charging.

When asked about the charging station, assistant director of Luther's Center for Sustainable Communities, Maren Beard, says that "This has been well received by parents of students who live in the Twin Cities and drive long-range electric vehicles. They need a place to charge when they get to Decorah, and now they can recharge right here on campus."

Students, faculty, staff, and Decorah community members are welcome to use the electric vehicle Chargepoint station at any time!