Humble Hands Harvest

Humble Hands Harvest is a worker-owned, diversified, organic farm run by Hannah Breckbill and Emily Fagan with employees Mars Nicol and Mackenzie Miller. We're entering our sixth season raising organic vegetables and grass-fed lamb, and are establishing nut and fruit orchards to hold the soil and provide food for this community in the long term. We're grateful to have rooted ourselves in this place and look forward to decades of resilience ahead. A key piece of resilience is a connected community, and the relationship we build with members is the reason we love to offer a CSA program.

A CSA box is a sampling of our best produce of the week, the first choices from the field before we send the rest to farmers market. When you sign up for a full or half share with us, you also have the opportunity to add on offerings from other local farmers, from mushrooms to flowers. There are so many good businesses doing great things for the land and this place, and a Humble Hands Harvest CSA box is one way to access all this goodness in one weekly stop. CSA boxes and add-ons will be available for pick-up at Wednesday farmers markets, July through October, and boxed shares without add-ons are also available on Saturdays. If a CSA box isn't right for you, you can purchase a market share, which gives you a declining balance on HHH produce and meat at farmers market.

Full Share

Each CSA share is packed in a half-bushel box and includes an email newsletter about the produce. It costs $450 for the harvest season, July through October, and you can pick up your share at the Winneshiek Farmers Market on Wednesdays or Saturdays--your choice! Sign up here for full or half shares.

Half Share
You will receive the same half-bushel box as a full share, but every other week instead of weekly. A half share costs $250 for the harvest season, and you'll pick up your share on either Wednesday or Saturday (your choice) at the Winneshiek Farmers Market. Sign up here for full or half shares.

Market Share
Your investment of $100-$300 in the farm at the beginning of the season gives you the 10% extra credit at our farmers market stand ($110-$330) that you can use whenever and however you like, all season long (May through December). Sign up here for market shares.

Email Hannah and Emily at [email protected] for more info and to sign up.
Humble Hands Harvest Website.