Sustainable Food Purchases

One of the local farms, Patchwork Green Farms, that Luther buys produce from.

Luther's Definition of Local and Community Based Food

Food raised or processed by farms, coops and businesses within a 100 mile radius for large farms, coops and businesses or a 200 mile radius for small to mid-size farmer-owned and operated farms/businesses. Foods considered local must also be minimally processed, produced in an environmentally sound way under fair labor conditions, and be procured from transparent farms and businesses open to hosting students for educational purposes.

Food Purchasing Goals

1. Increase sustainable food purchasing in select food categories.

  • Dairy - 75% local (all dairy - milk, yogurt, soft-serve, ice cream, cheese)
  • Eggs - TBD
  • Meat - 50% local (pork and beef)
  • Poultry - 20% local (turkey and chicken)
  • Produce - 25% local (non canned - SnoPac, Luther Gardens)
  • Coffee and Tea - 98% Fair Trade

2. Improve nutritional environment in campus eateries (e.g. making water the default beverage).

3. Reduce food waste in all campus venues.

Core Food Values

The following values guide Luther's food purchases:

  • Food Safety
  • Transparency
  • Affordability
  • Education
  • Energy use
  • Local food
  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Real Food
  • Workers Rights & Farmer's Equity
  • Taste & Aesthetics

Read more about these values.