Our Suppliers

A look into some of the farms that provide Luther with its local, organic food.

Anderson Erickson Dairy: A historic producer in Des Moines, IA, using cows from Iowa's family farms to make all things dairy. Most notably, they provide milk for Luther.

Big River Kombucha: Housed in Goodview, MN, a small business that brews this healthy beverage only with local and organic ingredients. They provide many different flavors of kombucha to Luther, including peach, blueberry hibiscus, and ginger lime among others. 

Country View Dairy: Family-owned and operated farmstead creamery specializing in "all natural" yogurt production.

Hi Pro Foods: Located in Decorah, IA, a turkey distributor that provides turkey breasts for Luther, including antibiotic-free and organic products.

Impact Coffee: Made in Decorah, IA, Impact Coffee is fair trade organic.

Iowa Food Hub: A non-profit that aims to connect people to food grown close to home. They provide various types of produce for Luther.

Luther Gardens: Luther College is proud to produce locally grown, organic food throughout the year for its Dining Services locations on campus.

Pinter's Gardens & Pumpkins: A local business located outside of Decorah, IA that specializes in landscaping and growing pumpkins and apples. Luther purchases many varieties of apples from Pinter's.

Sno Pac Foods: Family-owned and operated organic farm and processing plant that produces and prepares frozen fruits and vegetables for regional and national markets. They provide frozen, organic vegetables for Luther.

WW Homestead Dairy: Collaboration of two family-owned dairy farms that produce and distribute a variety of "all natural," non-homogenized, and rBST/hormone-free dairy products. They provide milk, cheese curds, soft serve, ice cream, and butter for Luther.