Internship Stories

There are many internship opportunities for Luther theatre students. Visit the Find Internships page or contact a faculty member to apply for an internship.

Other internship stories from students in dance and art are on the VPA website.

Trevor Haren

Trevor Haren InternshipWhen: Summer 2019
Where: Des Moines Playhouse Theatre
Major: Theatre

Trevor Haren is a theatre major with minors in management and musical theatre. This past summer, he interned at the Des Moines Playhouse Theatre in Des Moines, Iowa. While there, Trevor served as a theatre education intern. As an education intern, his job was to teach theatre classes to kids in grades K-9. He also helped run the weekly camps put on by the playhouse, and assisted with lighting, sound, and props. Trevor really enjoyed being exposed to different age groups and it taught him about the ins and outs of working in a community theatre setting. The thing he loved most was his ability to watch his students grow in their love for theatre every week. He is very excited for his future and cannot wait to continue to study theatre here at Luther.

Cleo Garza

Cleo GarzaWhen: Summer 2019
Where: Booth Tarkington Civic Theatre
Major: Theatre

Cleo Garza is a theatre major with a musical theatre minor. This past summer, she had an internship with the Booth Tarkington Civic Theatre in Carmel, Indiana. While there, she helped build set pieces for their 2019-2020 season. She also helped set up different sets for their shows this summer. The internship was great for Cleo because it allowed her to explore different aspects of technical theatre. She learned how to rig larger stages, and she was able to work with and learn from professionals. Cleo loved her internship because it helped her realize that theatre is a viable option for life after college. She couldn’t be more excited for her future.

Morgan Fanning

Morgan FanningWhen: Spring 2019
Where: TimeLine Theatre Company
Major: Theatre and Music

Morgan worked at TimeLine Theatre Company as the casting and administration intern. TimeLine is a midsize theatre located in East Lake View in Chicago, IL. The theatre primarily performs pieces inspired by history. The concepts of the shows are then applied to today's social and political climate. One of Morgan's jobs included managing agent and actor correspondance for TimeLine. She sat in on the auditions, and prepared sides and schedules for the audition process. In the theatre world, connections can be essential. Morgan benefited from the opportunity to form those connections with real-world theatre professionals. She also appreciated getting a hands-on experience of the Chicago Theatre world. The knowledge of the inner workings of the professional world is invaluable. Morgan is now confident that she has the skills, motivation, and perseverance to succeed after Luther.

Matthew Espey

Matthew and the rest of the cast of Footloose pose for a group photo.When: Summer 2017
Where: Clinton Area Showboat Theatre, Clinton, Iowa
Major: Theatre

Matthew has interned with the Clinton Area Showboat Theatre since high school. While interning, he performed in mainstage productions each summer. Another duty was working in the costume shop, scene shop, and box office. Matthew and other interns also attended workshops about acting, dancing, and singing which were led by professional performers. At the end of the season, the interns put on their own show showcasing what they learned.

Once Matthew began his studies at Luther, he was promoted to administrative and secretarial duties for the company. This allowed him to gain even more professional experience. Matthew loved having a voice in running the theatre. Even with these extra jobs, Matthew was still able to perform in the mainstage productions as an actor. These experiences and the connections he made were very rewarding. Matthew is most grateful for the influential and professional artists he met at the Showboat. After all, in theatre, connections mean everything.

Laura Thoms

Laura Thoms '16When: January 2016
Where: Dry Run Studio, Decorah, IA
Major: Theatre

For her internship with Dry Run Studio, Laura participated in meditation and daily discussions with her supervisor. Each day, Laura meditated in a different location on Luther’s campus or around the Decorah area. While at these sites, she would reflect on how ordinary life can be beneficial for creativity. These meditative observations helped her develop a deeper understanding of her own learning process. Through this, Laura was able to refine her creative discussions and process. She also kept a blog, where she was able to track how her ideas grew and became polished. The most rewarding part of the internship was learning how meditation and reflection can heighten creativity. In relation to her theatre major, Laura plans to uses these new tools to further her artistic development.