Prior Administrations

Comparison With Prior Administrations

The graphs and tables below compare your students' responses about sexual assault from this year's survey to your students' responses from your prior administration(s) of this survey.

The survey asks students about all their experiences with sexual assault since they started at your institution. Because of this, some of the incidents of sexual assault that students described in a previous survey administration will also be captured in this year's data. For example, if you administered the survey last year and this year, a sophomore who reported that she had been sexually assaulted in last year's survey would report being sexually assaulted in this year's survey as well.

How Often Does Sexual Assault Occur at Your Institution?



Many institutions use Bystander Training as a means of reducing the number of sexual assaults. However, the effectiveness of Bystander Training is limited both by people's ability and willingness to intervene and by the number of assaults that occur when a bystander is present. In the tables below, we summarize data from your institution on both the presence of bystanders during sexual assaults and the likelihood that they would intervene. The first table includes data from victims of sexual assault, and the second table includes data from bystanders who witnessed sexual assaults.

Reports from victims of sexual assault


Multiple assaults


Did the assault involve?


What Was the Institutional Affiliation?


Where Sexual Assaults Occurred