Get Involved: Norse Against Sexual Assault

Norse Against Sexual Assault (NASA) is a collaborative student organization that works with faculty, administration, and advocates to raise awareness about sexual assault at Luther College and in society at large. NASA members include students, both survivors and allies, and our administrative partners.

Objectives: Awareness, Education, Prevention, and Support

  1. Awareness. To increase awareness about the prevalence of sexual assault.
  2. Education. To educate all members of the community how sexual assault and the cultural attitudes, which support sexual assault, are a threat to the safety and values of our community, and all communities.
  3. Prevention. To prevent sexual assault by building a campus culture that is intolerant of all forms of sexual violence.
  4. Support. Although we do not function as a support group, we aim to create a community of solidarity to stand in support of survivors which adheres to survivor-centered empathy, recognizing that survivors are not a monolithic group and may be supported in a variety of ways.

To learn more about NASA or to get involved, email NASA or visit the NASA Facebook page.