Title IX Team

Luther College's Title IX team is committed to creating and maintaining a safe and healthy environment where all members of the community – students, faculty, staff, and visitors – are treated with respect and dignity.

Kasey Nikkel

Title IX Coordinator

Kasey serves as Luther College's Title IX Coordinator, with primary responsibility of coordinating the College’s compliance with Title IX, including our grievance procedures for resolving Title IX complaints.

Kasey is always available to answer questions about Luther College's efforts to prevent and address sexual assault. If you have reported a Title IX issue and do not feel that your case was handled in a caring, effective, and equitable manner, please call Kasey.

Janet Hunter

Associate Dean for Student Engagement

Janet is the first contact for many students who report sexual harassment. She serves as a Deputy Title IX Coordinator. Janet receives the primary intake and support person, working with students to coordinate supportive measures.

If you are a Complainant of sexual harassment and would like support from the College, please contact Janet.

Jake Dyer

Asst Dean, Coord of New Student Initiatives

Jake serves as one of the college's primary Title IX investigators. Additionally, Jake works with students who have experienced sexual violence with case management and coordination of care.

If you are a Complainant of sexual assault and would like support from the College, please contact Jake.

Kris Franzen

Assist Dean for Student Engagement and Dir of Residence Life

Kris serves as an alternate investigator for incidents of sexual misconduct. As Director of Residence Life, she also works with students who need housing accommodations related to incidents involving sexual harassment.

Nan Hibbs

Asst Dean, Dir of Student Rights and Responsibilities

Nan serves as the chair of the Luther College Hearing Board, and in that role she works with students to ensure equitable resolution of sexual harassment complaints. Additionally, Nan oversees and issues no contact directives when appropriate.

If you have questions about the student conduct process, please call Nan.

Ashley Benson

Dean of Student Engagement

Ashley plays a crucial role in creating and implementing Luther College's policies and procedures regarding student engagement and wellness. In addition, Ashley serves as chair of the Luther College Appeals Board.

If you have questions about Luther College's efforts to create a healthy learning environment for our students, please call Ashley.

Matthew Bills

Director of Human Resources

Matt provides assistance to the Title IX Coordinator, serving as a Deputy Title IX Coordinator focusing on compliance, incidents, and investigations involving faculty and staff.

Contact Matt if you have questions about Luther College's efforts to prevent and address sexual violence.

Amanda Bailey

Hd Wmn's Bball Coach and Ast AD for Stdnt Welllness and Compl

Amanda serves as Title IX Deputy Coordinator for Athletics ensuring the education of Sexual Assault Prevention for all student-athletes and coaches. Amanda serves on Care Team and assists in compliance for NCAA/Title IX responsibilities.


Meg Hammes

Director of Counseling Service

Meg works to ensure that students have safe, confidential resources to go to in times of need. If you would like to speak with a counselor, please call Counseling Services at (563) 387-1375 to schedule an appointment.

Melissa Bills

Director of College Ministries and College Pastor

Pastor Melissa serves as College Pastor and Director of College Ministries and accompanies students in their journeys of faith and learning. Conversations with her are confidential and students of all faith backgrounds and secular backgrounds are welcome to talk through personal concerns with her.

Visit the College Ministries website.