Second Life Orientation

Getting Started in Second Life - Create your account

We recommend signing up for Second Life through Virtual Ability, Inc. Virtual Ability is a nonprofit organization which is committed to providing a safe and supportive environment for people with a wide range of disabilities. Virtual Ability, Inc. has graciously offered to partner with this conference to provide a safe, "student friendly" environment. Virtual Ability Island also offers the best Second Life orientation available. 

To Get Started and Join Second Life

Virtual Ability, Inc. provides easy to understand instructions for signing up for Second Life.  Follow the instructions on the Virtual Ability website. As you follow the instructions on Virtual Ability, Inc. you will be instructed to download the Second Life software. This software is free and easy to install.   

Your avatar will then appear at Virtual Ability Island. Virtual Ability Island has the best Second Life orientation available. The training course in Virtual Ability Island teaches you how to walk, fly and communicate in Second Life. You can complete the training course all at once, or you may choose to complete the training course in several smaller sessions. When you log out, your avatar will show up right where you left off in Virtual Ability Island.

Computer System Requirements for Second Life

Click this link to see what system requirements are necessary for downloading Second Life

Conference Location

Click here to get directly to the conference location (Sojourner Auditorium).  Select "Visit this location", then log in and you will be transported directly to the conference location.

Meet and Greet (Optional)

Want to make sure everything's working for you in Second Life?  Come join Jayme Xaris and her students outside the Sojourner Auditorium for an optional "meet and greet" February 15 from 1:00-3:00 CST.